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Public Enemy Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age
Album Viewed
Yo ! Bum Rush the Show (1987) 4136
It Takes A Nation Of Millions (1988) 10164
Fear of a Black Planet (1990) 10153
Apocalipse'91...The Enemy Strikes Back (Part I) (1991) 2838
Apocalipse'91...The Enemy Strikes Back (Part II) (1991) 2651
Greatest Misses (1992) 7356
Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age (1994) 9010
He Got Game (1998) 9410
There's A Poison Goin On (1999) 5858
Lyric Viewed
Aintnuttin Buttersong 448
Bedlam 13:13 481
Death Of A Carjacka 405
Give It Up 520
Godd Complexx 437
Hitler Day 509
I Ain't Mad At All 470
I Stand Accused 459
Live And Undrugged Part I & II 433
Living In A Zoo 456
Rage Against Time 478
So Whatcha Gone Do Now? 509
Stop In The Name... 431
They Used To Call It Dope 423
Thin Line Between Law & Rape 511
What Kind A Power We Got? 470
What Side You On? 466
White Heaven/Black Hell 480
Whole Lotta Love Goin On In The Middle Of Hell 492
Death Of A Carjacka

Ridenhour - Hayes - Porter

I'm keepin a cool head
Smart and calculated
Tell da skinheads what I said & they hate it
One dumb move they make
A mistake a turnover/going going gone
And its over
Shoulda thought silly rabbit
Those habits'll getcha
Runnin whitcha life
So what some sucker snuck inside a knife
But I'm checkin it out
Back from a far you know
Theyll never know I'm backin up
An jettin to my car

B4 they steal it
Watch me ride an wheel it
Ooh! child here it comes now
I can feel it
Inspiration from the situation
Flowing to what I know an...

This ain't nuttin but another
Headline statistic, two brothers
But one went ballistic
Now I'm chillin beside my ride
Pulled over the side
Five-O ran a check
Now how the hell am I suspect

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