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Prong Rude Awakening
Album Viewed
Primitive Origins (1987) 2958
Force Fed (1988) 4918
Beg To Differ (1990) 3991
Prove You Wrong (1991) 6205
Cleansing (1993) 7469
Rude Awakening (1995) 6732
Lyric Viewed
Controller 477
Caprice 520
Rude Awakening 557
Unfortunately 528
Face Value 514
Avenue of the Finest 441
Slicing 493
Without Hope 490
Mansruin 515
Innocence Gone 490
Dark Signs 619
Close The Door 490
Proud Division 495
Without Hope

I just know its all gone wrong, feeling all the pressures can't weather the storm. 'Cause I kept myself in a cage all wound up
and filled up with rage. Forgive oneself of nothing at all-Pounding my head against the wall. Guilt ridden and bound to lose.
Puncture my wounds, won't see the truth. I looked in the mirror, what did I see? One man bitter with apathy. The whole thing
turned out to be a joke. But I'm not laughing. I'm without hope. Its never well thought out, just my instant demise. Haste and
hatred my inner desire. its all so bitter the hurt inside. Haste and hatred my inner desire. Ruptured I've lost it all. My heart
ripped out can't stand at all. 'Cause I've cost my brain to never relax. Picking at all the torturous facts.

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