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Prong Rude Awakening
Album Viewed
Primitive Origins (1987) 2958
Force Fed (1988) 4919
Beg To Differ (1990) 3993
Prove You Wrong (1991) 6206
Cleansing (1993) 7470
Rude Awakening (1995) 6737
Lyric Viewed
Controller 477
Caprice 521
Rude Awakening 558
Unfortunately 528
Face Value 515
Avenue of the Finest 441
Slicing 494
Without Hope 490
Mansruin 515
Innocence Gone 491
Dark Signs 619
Close The Door 490
Proud Division 495

Never had a thought so how can you see me? A man without a mind can never judge evenly. Forever passing judgment
compared to a fraud. I'll never pare up. I'll only distort your sight; only distort your sight. It don't matter, knife in your hand. I'll
cut you down with a knife in my head. It don't matter knife in my hand. You can never mend it with a knife in your head. I want
a slice, can I carve evenly? A man with no part moves so passively. Can I cut you up, can I say you're a fraud? You'll never
pare up, I'll only destroy your size.

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