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Prong Rude Awakening
Album Viewed
Primitive Origins (1987) 2958
Force Fed (1988) 4918
Beg To Differ (1990) 3991
Prove You Wrong (1991) 6205
Cleansing (1993) 7469
Rude Awakening (1995) 6736
Lyric Viewed
Controller 477
Caprice 521
Rude Awakening 558
Unfortunately 528
Face Value 515
Avenue of the Finest 441
Slicing 493
Without Hope 490
Mansruin 515
Innocence Gone 491
Dark Signs 619
Close The Door 490
Proud Division 495
Face Value

You've never come close to seeing what I've always had to face. Image blatant and obvious-What's there more to assess?
Never looking beyond the frontal-All your present fears. I hope to never be caught again by the visions too clear. Erase it.
Deface it. Conceal it. Just take it for the face value- Concealment, nonetheless. Just take it for the face value- You never know
what you may get. A wise man carried on about what you see is what you get. I've peeled off covers, revealing what I want to
forget. Why not go base yourself on simple visages. Scarring the complexion or scratching the surface.

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