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Prong Rude Awakening
Album Viewed
Primitive Origins (1987) 2958
Force Fed (1988) 4918
Beg To Differ (1990) 3991
Prove You Wrong (1991) 6205
Cleansing (1993) 7469
Rude Awakening (1995) 6735
Lyric Viewed
Controller 477
Caprice 521
Rude Awakening 558
Unfortunately 528
Face Value 514
Avenue of the Finest 441
Slicing 493
Without Hope 490
Mansruin 515
Innocence Gone 491
Dark Signs 619
Close The Door 490
Proud Division 495

Put me right through the ringer run around with eyes on whatever. Cut me right down to half of a member-Mended back given
no hope. Scheming minds new intentions-leave it broke flat begging for more You've made up your mind Whatever comes to
your head can never rely (on nothing) Everything points to the wrong direction. Everything leading to any early decline. Can't
take this any longer-I'll tell you right now, hate's on the rise. Just can't deal with anymore wavering-Can't fit into anymore lies.
Take your eyes to a brand new picture. Reach for one more impulse buy. It's me the loser, did everything wrong. Go ahead
with all your craving. Go ahead yearn for more.

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