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Outfield Play Deep
Album Viewed
Play Deep (1985) 7903
Bangin' (1987) 5953
Voices OF Babylon (1989) 5357
Diamond Days (1991) 5539
Rockeye (1992) 5891
It Ain't Over (1998) 6759
Lyric Viewed
Say It Isn't So 813
Taking My Chances 618
Talk To Me 600
All The Love 916
Mystery Man 577
61 Seconds 590
Everytime You Cry 681
I Don't Need Her 593
Your Love 1873
Nervous Alibi 566
Mystery Man

J. Spinks

Got a letter from a mystery man
but in between the lines - he don't understand
He's on a mission in Mozambique
The room is wired and I just can't speak

In the middle of it all - he can waste no time
In the middle of it all - he just says goodbye, goodbye

Got to get there just as fast I can
A pink carnation on a mystery man
A rendezvouz in Romania
Double agents in Australia


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