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Outfield Play Deep
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Play Deep (1985) 7899
Bangin' (1987) 5951
Voices OF Babylon (1989) 5356
Diamond Days (1991) 5538
Rockeye (1992) 5888
It Ain't Over (1998) 6758
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Everytime You Cry 681
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Nervous Alibi 566
Everytime You Cry

J. Spinks

I'm not the one to tell you what clothes to wear
I'm not the one who talks about your hair
I'm not the one to show you how I feel inside
I'm not the one to say how much I care

Everytime you cry I cry just a little bit
-cry just a little bit
When you say goodbye, I die just a little bit
-cry just a little bit more

I know it's late, I guess I should have called today
I know you're tired of waiting by the phone
I know you said-you just don't know how long you'll wait
I know that you can live your life alone


In a world where you think there's no one but you
But everytime you need someone to dry your eyes
You call my name and know that I'll be there


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