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Ordo Equilibrio Conquest, Love And Self Perseverance
Album Viewed
Conquest, Love And Self Perseverance (1999) 5800
Lyric Viewed
Phosphorous Ascending / Anthem Of Venus 455
Watching Lucifer Wander (Through The Sweet Dew Of Morning) 417
Mistress Of Hourglass Figure 1009
Cleft Of Stainless Rose 473
In The Grassy Fields, Where The World Goes To Sleep 466
Cleansing The Tainted Face Of Reason 496
The Perplexity Of Hybris. I Glority Myself 369
The Blind Are Leading 328
Let's Celebrate, The Exploration Of The Human Body 342
Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance. The Gospel Of Aptitude 332
Disrobed But In Stockings 349
Ouroboros, The Serpent Of Neither Beginning Or End 324
Man Always Forgets 361
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