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Olivia Newton-John Olivia Newton John
Album Viewed
If Not for You (1971) 6163
Olivia Newton John (1971) 5929
Toomorrow [Original Soundtrack] (1971) 6506
Let Me Be There (1973) 6012
Crystal Lady (1974) 17359
First Impressions (1974) 5972
If You Love Me Let Me Know (1974) 4892
Long Live Love (1974) 6029
Clearly Love (1975) 5537
Have You Never Been Mellow (1975) 6465
Come on over (1976) 6110
Don't Stop Believin' (1976) 5192
Making a Good Thing Better (1977) 5578
Grease (1978) 31990
Totally Hot (1978) 5104
Xanadu (1980) 6417
Physical (1981) 5986
Soul Kiss (1985) 4952
The Rumour (1988) 5194
Warm and Tender (1989) 8409
Back with a Heart (1998) 5432
Lyric Viewed
Me And Bobby McGee 470
No Regrets 503
If I Gotta Leave 445
If You Could Read My Mind 491
Lullaby 481
Where Are You Going To My Love 479
If Not for You 469
Help Me Make It Through the Night 574
Love Song 480
In a Station 487
If 484
Banks Of The Ohio 508
In a Station


Once I walked through the halls of a station
Someone called your name
In the street I heard children laughing
They all sound the same

One day could you ever know me
Know the reason why I live
Is there nothin you can show me
Life seems so little to give

Once I climbed up the face of a mountain
And ate the wild fruit there
Fell asleep until the moonlight woke me
And I could taste your hair

Isn't everybody dreaming
And the voice I hear is real
Out of all the idle scheming
Can't we have something to feel

Once upon a time leaves me empty
Tomorrow never came
I could sing the sound of your laughter
Still I don't know you name

Must be some way to repay you
Out of all the good you gave
If a rumor should delay you
Love seems so little to save

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