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Olivia Newton-John Grease
Album Viewed
If Not for You (1971) 6314
Olivia Newton John (1971) 6090
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Grease (1978) 32304
Totally Hot (1978) 5244
Xanadu (1980) 6558
Physical (1981) 6117
Soul Kiss (1985) 5084
The Rumour (1988) 5322
Warm and Tender (1989) 8622
Back with a Heart (1998) 5591
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It's Raining on Prom Night 1156
Alone at a Drive-In Movie 1538
Hopelessly Devoted To You 2951
Born to Hand Jive 987
Rock & Roll Party Queen 972
Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (reprise) 1271
We Go Together 2390
Alone at a Drive-In Movie

I'm all alone
At the drive-in movie
It's a feelin' that ain't too groovy
Watchin' werewolves without you... (werewolf howl)
Gee, it's no fun
Drinkin' beer in the backseat
All alone just ain't too neat
At the passion pit wanting you.
And when the intermission elf moves the clock's hands
While he's eating everything sold at the stands,
When there's one minute to go
'Till the lights go down low,
I'll be holding the speaker knobs
Missing you so-o-o!
Can't believe it,
Unsteamed windows I can see through.
Might as well be in an igloo,
'Cause the heater doesn't work...
As good as you...
(Baby, come back)

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