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Minnie Riperton Stay In Love
Album Viewed
Come To My Garden (1971) 6327
Perfect Angel (1974) 5974
Adventures In Paradise (1975) 4704
Stay In Love (1977) 4474
Minnie (1979) 4891
Love Lives Forever (1980) 3572
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Stay In Love 574
Wouldn't Matter Where You Are

(M. Riperton R. Rudolph M. Henderson)

He said, travel anywhere your life take you
He said, chase your visions over the rainbow
You're free to go

It wouldn't matter where you are...
I will know just when you want me and I'll come to you
It wouldn't matter near or far
In the instant that you need me I'll be here with you

Even from the farthest star...
I would fly there in a minute if you want me to
You could even try to hide it
I would know that, too
I would see right through

'Cause I would hear you call
Across the sands of time
No ocean is too wide
To keep me from your side
With all my love

He said, travel anywhere your life takes you
He said, chase your vision over the rainbow...
you're free to go

Marc... I'm calling you
I need you now... and I'm calling you

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