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Messiah Extreme Cold Weather
Album Viewed
Extreme Cold Weather (1987) 2277
Psychomorphia (1989) 1210
Choir Of Horrors (1991) 3750
Rotten Perish (1992) 6406
Underground (1994) 4789
Lyric Viewed
Extreme Cold Weather 335
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Nero 360
Extreme Cold Weather

With all my long hair, I don't need a hat to wear
Extreme cold weather is reigning outside,
the wind is blowing and the frost does bite.

I hope I won't freeze my toes off,
cause then I will have to cough
an icycle's hanging from my bum,
and there lies my neighbours frozen mum.

The thermometer's below zero,
don't try to be a hero
by running to scool
Now you're frozen dead you fool.

Extreme cold weather is freezing my blood,
I'd always have summer if I'd be god.
Now is april and you have thawed,
you won't step out again into the cold.

It's sunny, funny and really warm,
and my body feels like reborn.

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