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Macabre Murder Metal
Album Viewed
Grim Reality (1987) 13700
Gloom (1989) 5778
Sinister Slaughter (1993) 8968
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (1994) 1906
Unabomber (1999) 3867
Dahmer (2000) 16049
Murder Metal (2003) 4297
Lyric Viewed
Acid Bath Vampire (John George Haigh) 295
You're Dying To Be With Me (Dennis Nielsen) 309
Fatal Foot Fetish (Jerry Brudos) 557
The Hillside Stranglers (Angelo Buono & Kenneth Bianchi) 314
Dorthea's Dead Folks Home (Dorthea Puente) 298
The Iceman (Richard Kuklinski) 339
Poison (Graham Fredrick Young) 299
The Werewolf of Bedburg (Peter Stumpp) 296
Morbid Minister (Gary Heidnick) 300
The Wustenfeld Man Eater (Armin Meiwes) 286
Diary of Torture (Robert Berdella) 315
Jack The Ripper (Identity Unknown) 302
Fritz Haarmann der Metzger 292
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