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Jon Anderson 3 Ships
Album Viewed
Olias of Sunhillow (1976) 3187
Song of Seven (1980) 4840
3 Ships (1985) 8192
In the City of Angels (1988) 2959
Change We Must (1994) 6843
Lyric Viewed
Save All Your Love 771
Easier Said Than Done 744
Three Ships 1019
Forest Of Fire 634
Ding Dong Merrily On High 1480
Save All Your Love (Reprise) 641
The Holly And The Ivy 969
Day Of Days 567
2,000 Years 563
Where Were You? 684
Where Were You?

(Jon Anderson)

Where were you upon that night
Just as the moon was breaking

They had been asleep their sleep
On a hill all of heaven was singing

Glory days upon the earth
This the song of heaven

When at last the spell was heard
All around us feel forgiven

There will stand at His right hand
Singing ofr the Savior
All will know from this day forth
That the light will always save ya

Goodness knows no boundaries
Goodness knows your freedoms

After al lthe gentle soul
Can redeem us to His kingdom

Glroy days upon the earth
Sent us songs from heaven

When at last its spell is heard
All around us feel forgiven, yeah

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