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Jon Anderson 3 Ships
Album Viewed
Olias of Sunhillow (1976) 3187
Song of Seven (1980) 4834
3 Ships (1985) 8191
In the City of Angels (1988) 2959
Change We Must (1994) 6843
Lyric Viewed
Save All Your Love 771
Easier Said Than Done 744
Three Ships 1019
Forest Of Fire 634
Ding Dong Merrily On High 1480
Save All Your Love (Reprise) 641
The Holly And The Ivy 969
Day Of Days 567
2,000 Years 563
Where Were You? 683
2,000 Years

(Jon Anderson)

Coupled in the perfect note
To ring you out of place
As birth can dance and sing
It's better, brighter shines this grace

Seas of golden rainbows
Spinning silently in space
As the angels in the heavens
Sing the being of His grace

Sing into the sweetest horn
As light begins the day
2000 years ago they called it
This eternal way

See into the future made
For all our kingdom comes
The joyous of the infinative
Is born this very morn

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