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Jag Panzer Mechanized Warfare
Album Viewed
Ample Destruction (1984) 3208
The Fourth Judgement (1997) 3695
Age Of Mastery (1998) 4512
Thane To The Throne (2000) 6443
Mechanized Warfare (2001) 3748
Lyric Viewed
Take To The Sky 395
Frozen In Fear 356
Unworthy 376
The Silent 377
The Scarlet Letter 395
Choir Of Tears 345
Cold Is The Blade (And The Heart That Wields It) 345
Hidden In My Eyes 362
Power Surge 380
All Things Renewed 376
The Silent

(Written by Broderick & Conklin)

I feel for you, to stalk the night in which you live
I feel your pain an emptiness I've known for ages

Centuries rolling on and on, carry me, to lovers unaware
Centuries rolling on and on, carry me, to different feeding grounds

Show me your world, show me the horror of it all
Teach me to feed upon the weak, crawling in filth

Bathe me in blood cover me with ancient earth
I beg to be reborn another child of the chosen

I stalk the night the silent voices of the ages
Thirsting for life return the soul I left behind

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