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Insane Clown Posse Amazing Jeckel Brothers
Album Viewed
Carnival Of Carnage (1992) 14046
Beverly Kills 50187 (1993) 4997
Ringmaster (1994) 14632
Terror Wheel (1994) 4850
Great Milenko (1995) 23624
Riddle Box (Explicit) (1995) 14488
Tunnel Of Love (1996) 7845
Forgotten Freshness Vol. 1 (1998) 7556
Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2 (1998) 10029
Amazing Jeckel Brothers (1999) 18289
Bizzar (2000) 13082
Bizzar (Explicit) (2000) 11599
Psychopathics from Outer Space (2000) 15118
Dog Beats ( ) 4697
Lyric Viewed
Intro ( The Amazing Jeckel Brothers ) 929
Jake Jeckel 965
Bring It On 984
I Want My Shit 1038
Bitches (w/ old dirty bastard) 1622
Terrible 918
I Stab People 1000
Another Love Song 1108
Everybody Rize 963
Play With Me 1074
Jack Jeckel 911
Fuck The World 1355
The Shaggy Show 1125
Mad Professer 1032
Assassins 990
Echoside 993
Nothing's Left 965
Jake Jeckel

Boom shocka boom (3x)
Ladies and gentleman meet your guardian
Your keepers of morals...hahaha kindness
The path to shangrila is led by heeeee, led by you
He is of your positivity he is of your loooove
Meet one half of the jugglin duo
That is your soul I'm talkin about
Jake Jeckel

Jeckel another J catch one more
They'll try and catch all thats instore for you
How many souls will fall from the sky? (for you)
How many souls burned wonderin why? (4x)

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