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Ian Hunter YUI Orta
Album Viewed
Ian Hunter (1975) 4525
All American Alien Boy (1976) 3706
You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic (1979) 4191
Short Back and Sides (1981) 4602
All of the Good Ones Are Taken (1983) 4095
YUI Orta (1990) 6636
Dirty Laundry (1995) 6048
Artful Dodger (1997) 5455
Overnight Angels ( ) 4461
The Secret Sessions ( ) 4058
Lyric Viewed
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Tell It Like It Is 500
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Following In Your Footsteps 476
Sons N' Lovers 512
Pain 518
How Much More Can I Take 481
Sweet Dreamer 466
Tell It Like It Is

(Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson)

Do you remember truth-you used to tell it everyday
Oh what a feelin'-there was nuthin' in the way
I won't get excited- if you don't slash your wrists
oh oh oh-something is gravely amiss
You gotta tell it like it is

Whats the matter baby- cat got your tongue?
You bin creepin' 'round the alleyways-all night long
You can't hide a secret-more than a week
oh oh oh- we gotta get to the bottom of this
You gotta tell it like it is

Hangin' on a corner- of the danger zone
Just another nightmare- let me take you home

C'mon baby, c'mon baby

You've gotta tell it like it is...

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