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Ian Hunter All American Alien Boy
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You Nearly Did Me In

(Ian Hunter)

See lonely shadows - silver needles
Abandoned in the evening war
Lost children of the night - come catch the candle bright
I hear a hollow sound - falling to the ground - she's lost before she's found

Sad broken angels takin' rainbows
Out on the street for all to see
If we are the chosen few - what ever happened to
All those things we knew, if this is being free -
I'd rather search for me


You nearly did, you nearly did, you nearly did
You nearly did me in, you nearly did me in
And I need some place to hide - my weary anger down

Out on some misty distant highway
Feel like I though a million miles
Is my search nearly done - I think I see someone
I get the urge to run on blindly through the rain,
and I fool myself again


What ever happened to dignity
What ever happened to integrity
What ever happened to honesty
Well I'll tell you something baby - I feel the pain just like the sea


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