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Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead
Album Viewed
The Grateful Dead (1967) 4793
Anthem of the Sun (1968) 2763
Aoxomoxoa (1969) 4127
American Beauty (1970) 6710
Live Dead (1970) 3650
Workingman's Dead (1970) 4431
Grateful Dead Live (1971) 6465
Europe '72 (1972) 8776
Bear's Choice: History of the Grateful Dead (1973) 3245
Wake of the Flood (1973) 3882
From The Mars Hotel (1974) 4156
Skeletons From the Closet (1974) 5979
Blues for Allah (1975) 5508
Steal Your Face (1976) 6797
Terrapin Station (1977) 3566
Shakedown Street (1978) 5461
Go To Heaven (1980) 4746
Dead Set (1981) 7489
Reckoning (1981) 7759
In The Dark (1987) 4276
Dylan & The Dead (1989) 3369
Built To Last (1990) 4456
Without A Net (1990) 8708
Lyric Viewed
The Golden Road 595
Beat It On Down The Line 520
Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl 506
Cold Rain and Snow 506
Sitting on Top of the World 503
Cream Puff War 513
Morning Dew 542
New Minglewood Blues 509
Viola Lee Blues 553
Cream Puff War

No, no! She can't take your mind and leave
I know it's just another trick she's got up her sleeve
I can't believe that she really wants you to die
After all it's more than enough to pay for your lie

Wait a minute, watch what you're doin' with your time
All the endless ruins of the past must stay behind, yeah

Well, can't you see that you're killing each other's soul
Well, you're both out in the streets and you got no place to go
Your constant battes are getting to be a bore
So go somewhere else and continue your cream puff war

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