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Gore Consumed By Slow Decay
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Consumed By Slow Decay (1996) 9207
Lyric Viewed
Fetus Jejunii 490
Incomplete Evacuation 655
Hysterical Extraction Of Facial Tissue 540
Intestinal Pestilence 474
Dissimultated Incubation And Maximum Infection 504
Phlatulent Manifestation Of Alcaligenes Faecalis 1035
Exposed Guts 551
Syndrome Of Intensive Regurgitation 535
Attenuated Mutant Worms 477
Inquisitive Corporeal Recremation 536
Unfinished Radiation 478
Frenetic Fetishism For Human Pieces In Decompsition 543
Human Limbs Mutilated 573
Cicle Of Suffocation 487
Cannibal Zoophilism With Extreme Sexual Aberration 740
Consummated Cancer 474
Unfinished Radiation

Bodies in putrefaction
Melted minds on the flow
Innocent people carbonized
By unfinished radiations
Bodies mutilated, lacerated and liquized
Mass in dissolution, dismembement of rancid

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