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Goo Goo Dolls Boy Named Goo
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Ain't That Unusual

Could you talk to me
'Cause I never heard a word you said now
And I ain't just being mean
'Cause all we are is what we're told
And most of that's been lies
It's like a made for TV movie
And I just blew my line

Someday you never made it
and maybe it never will
Hey, you never made it
And ain't that unusual?

Now I feel unknown
And it's safe that way
Are you too bored to care or too dumb to be scared now?
What's that supposed to mean?

I'm burned out on some empty reasons
Another waste of time
There's somethin' that I wish I'd said
But I don't think it'd rhyme


See I'd love to be you
Then at least then I'd see you
Sorry I put them words in your mouth
But you wouldn't talk to me

Everything I want I haven't got
I'm sick of everything I know I'm not
Put my heavy coat on for a while
It's freezing in the corner of my mind


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