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Duran Duran Rio
Album Viewed
Duran Duran (1981) 5060
Rio (1982) 6480
Seven & The Ragged Tiger (1983) 4919
Arena (1984) 5877
Notorious (1984) 5669
Liberty (1990) 6240
Thank You (1995) 6518
Medazzaland (1997) 6310
Greatest (1998) 16863
Lyric Viewed
Hold Back The Rain 583
Hungry Like the Wolf 971
Last Chance On The Stairway 542
Lonely In Your Nightmare 574
New Religion (A dialogue between the ego and the alter ego) 528
Save A Prayer 887
The Chauffeur 670
My Own Way 617
Rio 995
My Own Way

(I saw)

I saw you at the airace yesterday,
April showers get out of my way.
Fear of flying no not me.

I'm never bothered what you say
Someone's kid just lives for today
It ain't your problem anyway

'Cos I've got my own way
I can find my own way
'Cos I've got my own way
Hay yay yay yay yay ya-hay


(No. 1)
Public figure, what a pain
Just puts another rattle in your brain
Take another green but it's not the same

Now you're on the sandlane everyday
Dancing with the bulls in any old way
Running like a fox to keep up with me.

(chorus) (chorus)


I'm on 45th, between 6th & Broadway
7UP, between 6th & Broadway

(chorus) (chorus)

Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh
Hey now, be there
Hmmm busy
This is how I like it
Yes, settle down
Yes, come on, 6th & broadway
Say the words, come coolin down.

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