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DMX Great Depression
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The Prayer IV

Let us pray
Father God I am just learning how to pray, so bear with me
First I thank you for the life of everyone that's here with me
Then I thank you for the love you give me, why?
I don't know; I don't deserve it, and it hurts inside
Many a nights I cried, and called your name out loud
But didn't call you when I was doin good, I was too proud
And STILL you gave me love, I wasn't used to that
Most of the people that gave me love, they ended up takin it back
That's somethin new to me, so I'm askin you for time to adjust
Let me make it there, I will be one you can trust
What I stand for, I put my life on, I DO!
I guess what I'm askin is - show me how to stand for you
And I will RAP for you, SING for you, PREACH for you, TEACH for you
REACH for you - I will love you like you love me, unconditionally
And I will ALWAYS be prepared, for whatever the mission'll be
GIVE THE NUTRITION TO ME, and I'll properly digest it
And when I give it back, I'll show you word well invested
And whenever I go, BEFORE I GO, let me give
Thanks to you Lord, my birth, for every day that I've lived
You gave me a love most of my life I didn't know was there
IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I give you my life, cause you care

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