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Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
Album Viewed
For All Tid (1995) 6150
Devil's Path (1996) 3404
Stormbl┐st (1996) 7703
Enthrone Darkness Triumphant (1997) 13563
Godless Savage Garden (1998) 6980
Spiritual Black Dimensions (1999) 8088
Alive In Torment (2001) 1697
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (2001) 20915
Death Cult Armageddon (2003) 4853
Lyric Viewed
Fear and Wonder 1634
Blessings upon The Throne of Tyranny 1605
Kings of The Carnival Creation 2221
Hybrid Stigmata-The Apostasy 1508
Architecture of A Genocidal Nature 1071
Puritania 3251
IndoctriNation 1120
The Maelstrom Mephisto 1253
Absolute Sole Right 1031
Sympozium 1150
Perfection or Vanity 1168
Devil's Path 1156
Burn in Hell 2601
Devil's Path

(Music: Silenoz and Shagrath)

(Lyrics: Shagrath)
(Re-recording feat. Andy La Roque)

Thousand different paths
So many sterile ends
I chose the Devil's path

Never shall the sun kiss my face
And caress me with it's burning light
For I dwell in the shadows
And sleep side by side with death

In dark desire I embrace the whore
Giving her an escape from an unworthy life

For with the appearance of the Fallen Angel

I serve Satan
I serve Darkness

I am a prince among the damned
As I've been for eternity
A monarch in a dark paradise
Cursed by life and the living

Oh tremble not my immortal heart
Though you beat in the shadows of death
Eternal life is the blessing
And I shall rule for another thousand years

I blew out the light
Abandoned Jesus Christ
Christian life forms' grief's
We buried their belief's

Waiting for their saviours rebirth
The dawn was soon to come
The dawn would soon be gone

There in that formless abyss was I made
A partaker of the mysteries averse

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