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Dead Moon Thirteen Off My Hook
Album Viewed
In The Graveyard (1988) 5128
Unknown Passage (1989) 5581
Thirteen Off My Hook (1990) 6951
Stranded In The Mystery Zone (1991) 5888
Strange Pray Tell (1992) 7849
Crack In The System (1994) 6505
Nervous Sooner Changes (1995) 4819
Destination X (1999) 4937
Trash & Burn (2001) 6110
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Too Many People (Pons - Rinehart) 460
Street Of Despair 441
I'm Out Nine 440
War Baby 461
Kicked Out- Kicked In 442
Unknown Passage 443
Not The Only One 439
Not The Only One

I'm not the only one, the only lonely one
You know who you are, afraid to lose your hearts
You sit in the corners of a world gone square
You can see them but to them you'r not there
Did you ever wonder why you'r stranger than - close?

I'm not the only one who's tired of the gun
There must be something more than marching off to war
Bleeding in the trenches 'neath a 90 lb pack
18 years old and never coming back
How can their dying ever make us feel - free?

I'm not the only one trying to get ahead
Working everyday harder than I'm paid
Going through changes - working my job
Thinking things be better if I get on top
With everybody yelling ";Hey, what about me/me?";

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