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Dead Moon Stranded In The Mystery Zone
Album Viewed
In The Graveyard (1988) 5128
Unknown Passage (1989) 5579
Thirteen Off My Hook (1990) 6946
Stranded In The Mystery Zone (1991) 5886
Strange Pray Tell (1992) 7846
Crack In The System (1994) 6502
Nervous Sooner Changes (1995) 4818
Destination X (1999) 4935
Trash & Burn (2001) 6106
Lyric Viewed
A Fix On You 513
In The Altitudes (CD only) 448
Over The Edge (CD only) 489
Pain For Pretty 484
Down The Road 464
Jane 512
Castaways 454
Crazy To The Bone 502
Spectacle 495
Get On Board 516
Clouds Of Dawn 479
Sorrow's Forecast 487
Pain For Pretty

Smoke another cigarette, watch the rain
Put me on the outskirts of a mental train
What's done's been done, you can't change that
I couldn't make the window, I couldn't go back

Is there no getting free
Something's dying inside me
Pain for pretty can't you see
Changes... oh, no, no

Watching the predictions, it looks like snow
I'd like to travel south but I can't go
December's on the crest, almost gone
Shadows on the pavement never looked so long

Maybe it's my attitude, I can't get straight
Take me like I am or throw me away
Trying to kill the dream that's inside me
I don't want to end up your casualty

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