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Dead Moon Stranded In The Mystery Zone
Album Viewed
In The Graveyard (1988) 5128
Unknown Passage (1989) 5576
Thirteen Off My Hook (1990) 6943
Stranded In The Mystery Zone (1991) 5879
Strange Pray Tell (1992) 7845
Crack In The System (1994) 6501
Nervous Sooner Changes (1995) 4816
Destination X (1999) 4930
Trash & Burn (2001) 6106
Lyric Viewed
A Fix On You 511
In The Altitudes (CD only) 448
Over The Edge (CD only) 489
Pain For Pretty 483
Down The Road 464
Jane 511
Castaways 454
Crazy To The Bone 501
Spectacle 495
Get On Board 515
Clouds Of Dawn 478
Sorrow's Forecast 487

Castaways, gypsies of the dawn
Angels out of darkness with
nowhere to belong
Bound together, we've been cast
into the storm

Castaways, children of the damned
Abandoned by the future and the
past can't understand
You've never had a change since
your journey began

Castaways, misfits out of time
Tomorrow it won't matter and
yesterday's behind
You won't live forever, you've got
tombstones in your eyes

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