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Dead Moon Destination X
Album Viewed
In The Graveyard (1988) 5127
Unknown Passage (1989) 5576
Thirteen Off My Hook (1990) 6943
Stranded In The Mystery Zone (1991) 5876
Strange Pray Tell (1992) 7843
Crack In The System (1994) 6501
Nervous Sooner Changes (1995) 4816
Destination X (1999) 4929
Trash & Burn (2001) 6106
Lyric Viewed
Down To The Dogs 486
As Teardrops Break 463
Only Want To Be Your Man 485
Rescue 519
Raise Up The Dead 483
Bad Case 520
On Another Plane 471
To Nowhere Down 480
Point Of No Return 491
It's A Long Way To The Top 489
Down To The Dogs

My brain's been hammered and my nerves are shot
I caught the fever and the shakes won't stop
Even the doctors don't know what I got
I'm going-----

Woke up in the morning, head twisted tight
Been out with the nightcrawlers, trying to find my life
Damned if I do- damned if I don't
One thing for certain little girl, I'm running out of rope

Down to the dogs
Down to the dogs
Woke up in the morning little girl going
Down to the dogs

Got wrecked on Monday, jacked-up for a week
By the time I came up from down under, I could hardly speak
I lost my job, my life's a mess
I feel like Rocky's bloody hammer's coming down on my chest

[chorus repeat]

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