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Dark Tranquillity Projector
Album Viewed
Trail Of Life Decayed (1991) 2216
A Moonclad Reflection (1992) 1149
Tranquillity (1992) 3326
Skydancer (1993) 6082
Of Chaos And Eternal Night (1994) 2460
The Gallery (1995) 8767
Enter Suicidal Angels (1997) 2667
The Mind's I (1997) 8876
Exposure (1998) 666
Projector (1999) 8737
Haven (2000) 9587
Damage Done (2002) 5504
Exposures - In Retrospect And Denial (2004) 4317
Lyric Viewed
Freecard 800
Therein 975
Undo Control 861
Auctioned 929
To A Bitter Halt 837
The Sun Fired Blanks 770
Nether Novas 798
Day To End 809
Dobermann 750
On Your Time 732
Exposure 367
The Sun Fired Blanks

Upon our evening when the sun fired blanks
There rode the sickness out of our sight
Carried torches burned out long before it's time
Among these ruins where our love to be found

Ambition falters when no better is to be known
Cling to the unfounded pride

Death to our belonging
And our ministy of two
Set the higher standard
And to a greater fall descend

Slaves to one another
And to others be it not
Soothing be temptation
Force the conscience to a halt

Caused a high vibration
A tender light to be part of you
The two-way escape

Death to our belonging ... (see above)

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