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Crematory Transmigration
Album Viewed
Transmigration (1993) 6464
...Just Dreaming (1994) 6162
Illusions (1995) 9096
Crematory (1996) 6588
Awake (1997) 7751
Act Seven (1998) 6891
Fly (1999) 3613
Believe (2000) 10152
Greed (2004) 1715
Revolution (2004) 5224
Lyric Viewed
Bequest Of The Wicked 592
Eyes Of Suffering 693
Deformity 646
Never Forgotten Place 641
Hall Of Torment 670
Reincarnation 601
Victims 635
Through My Soul 624
The Way Behind The Light 592
Bequest Of The Hallow 688
Hall Of Torment

The death corpse composed behind
In the dust of their self
To Terminate another life
A further obligation to make

Wounds of memory for ever to stay
The hall of souls are the hall of pain

Reward through a successful life
Punish through a painful life
A waiting soul for each new life
The deliverance to penetrate into nirvana
How much life need for all to know
Or is to be a punishment about our mistakes
To life with it

To understand what is it

Is the source the life - Is the source the death

The hall of torment to know more but they feasting
Is the waiting room for souls

Torment - Unknown - Pain for fear
Torture - Yearning - Waiting for deliverance

The question of existents
Reality or dream

I can see your pain in my dreams
I can smell your screams in my dreams
I feel your fear - Your fear for my dreams

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