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Counting Crows Across A Wire-Live In New York
Album Viewed
August & Everything After (1993) 9704
Recovering The Satellites (1996) 10064
Across A Wire-Live In New York (1998) 12436
This Desert Life (1999) 8969
Lyric Viewed
A Long December 742
Walkaways 619
Sullivan Street 608
Recovering the Satellites 575
Rain King 637
Raining in Baltimore 620
Mercury 535
Catapult 626
I'm not Sleeping 576
Children in Bloom 582
Chelsea 699
A Murder of One 658
Angels of the Silences 661
Anna Begins 692
Ghost Train 605
Have You Seen Me Lately 810
Mr. Jones 1215
Round Here 867

Gotta rush away she said
Ive been to Boston before
anyway, this change I've been feeling
doesn't make the rain fall
No big differences these days
Just the same old walkways
Someday Im going to stay
but not today

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