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Collective Soul Disciplined Breakdown
Album Viewed
Hints Allegations & Things Lef (1994) 7588
Collective Soul (1995) 8467
Disciplined Breakdown (1997) 7305
Dosage (1999) 7159
Blender (2000) 6689
Lyric Viewed
Blame 588
Maybe 670
Listen 624
Link 627
In Between 553
Giving 556
Full Circle 531
Forgiveness 683
Everything 551
Disciplined Breakdown 571
Crowded Head 568
Precious Declaration 678

With the faces I now wear
It's only proof my thoughts
Have become impaired
And the courage I shall build
Stands at distance still

Everything is physical
Everything takes precedence
Everything's admissible
Everything is evident

And this comfort I've designed
Will only stay intact until
The truth I find
As some answers fly around
No cure have I found

Guide me, save me, teach me
I need to learn from this
Hold me, soothe me my Love

The reflection I now see
Is always trying to blind
And discourage me
But my patience shall prevail
And myself as well

Everything is comfortable
Everything's a brighter shade
Everything is suitable
Everything is ? (cool)

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