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Collective Soul Collective Soul
Album Viewed
Hints Allegations & Things Lef (1994) 7588
Collective Soul (1995) 8467
Disciplined Breakdown (1997) 7304
Dosage (1999) 7159
Blender (2000) 6689
Lyric Viewed
Bleed 644
When the Water Falls 580
Untitled 562
The World I Know 1208
Smashing Young Man 543
Where the River Flows 663
She Gathers Rain 547
Reunion 547
Gel 743
December 1165
Collection of Goods 581
Simple 604
Where the River Flows

Give me a moment
Got to get this weight up off my chest
Don't feed me sorrow
Pain is a poison I digest

Find yourself another soul to hold
You think, you thought, I know
Off upon my journey I must go
To where the river flows

I'll give you answers
To the questions you have yet to ask
Silence is beauty
Words they only complicate the task
Make no more wishes
All of my patience has been spent
Gods of the season
Lead me to my next incident

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