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Collective Soul Collective Soul
Album Viewed
Hints Allegations & Things Lef (1994) 7588
Collective Soul (1995) 8468
Disciplined Breakdown (1997) 7305
Dosage (1999) 7159
Blender (2000) 6689
Lyric Viewed
Bleed 644
When the Water Falls 580
Untitled 562
The World I Know 1208
Smashing Young Man 543
Where the River Flows 663
She Gathers Rain 547
Reunion 547
Gel 743
December 1165
Collection of Goods 582
Simple 604
Collection of Goods

Resonate tones of saving grace
Separate from the gods of hate
Alleviate all our doubting ways
Congregate to more loving days

A collection of peace where we could live
A collection of hope for us to give
A collection of words that mean we care
A collection of love for us to share

Recognize all equality
Vocalize solidarity
Exercise your tranquility
Glamourize all of love's needs

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