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Boyz II Men Cooleyhighharmony
Album Viewed
Christmas Interpretations (1993) 8421
Cooleyhighharmony (1993) 14179
II (1994) 12332
Evolucion (Spanish) (1997) 8333
Evolution (1997) 10930
Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya (2000) 10638
Lyric Viewed
Al Final Del Camino (Spanish Version of "End of the Road") 1040
Under Pressure 663
Uhh Ahh 797
This is My Heart 730
Sympin' (Remix Radio Edit) 636
Please Don't Go 969
Motownphilly (Remix Radio Edit) 688
Motownphilly 795
Lonely Heart 761
Little things 709
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday 2296
In the Still of the Nite (I'll Remember) 933
End Of The Road 2238
Your Love 796
Under Pressure

Hey guys?
Yo what's up y'all?
Hey why don't we do something for the jeeps you know?
Yeah that's cool, like what though?
Like some harmony over the hip hop tracks?
Yeah, I'm with it, I'm with it
Here check this out
Wait a minute, wait a minute, (clears throat) Now!

There's a girl I know who looks so fine, she really turns me on
My friends said I should, but it's taken me too long
Every time I get the nerve to call, she is never home
I leave another message and I sit here all alone, she's got me

Under pressure,
And the feelin' she's giving me
Under pressure
Just pay attention to me baby

So I got a chance to talk to her to see just where we stand
If she felt the same about me, could I be her only man?
I tried to let it out, we could have some fun
But before I got an answer she said she had to run, it's got me


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