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Black Sabbath Reunion-Tracks
Album Viewed
Black Sabbath (1969) 12738
Paranoid (1970) 23128
Master of Reality (1971) 10726
Black Sabbath Volume 4 (1972) 12154
Volume 4 (1972) 4985
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) 10504
Sabotage (1975) 10677
Technical Ecstasy (1976) 9223
Never Say Die (1978) 9653
Heaven And Hell (1980) 10651
Live at Last (1980) 10555
Mob Rules (1981) 10134
Live Evil (1982) 16524
Born Again (1983) 11224
Seventh Star (1986) 9295
The Eternal Idol (1987) 10438
We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' (1988) 11785
Cloak And Dagger (1989) 1137
Headless Cross (1989) 9382
Tyr (1990) 9775
Dehumanizer (1992) 12870
Letters From Earth/Time Machine (1992) 2028
Cross Purposes (1994) 10429
Cross Purposes-Live (1995) 10712
Forbidden (1995) 11247
Masters Of Misery (The Earache Tribute) (1997) 7614
War Pigs (1997) 1696
Reunion-Tracks (1998) 18197
Lyric Viewed
Psycho Man 1326
War Pigs 938
Selling My Soul 1150
Behind The Wall Of Sleep 881
N.I.B. 964
Fairies Wear Boots 908
Eletric Funeral 889
Sweet Leaf 910
Spiral Architect 864
Into The Void 849
Snowblind 891
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 895
Orchid 877
Lord Of This World 626
Dirty Women 924
Black Sabbath 949
Iron Man 978
Children Of The Grave 959
Paranoid 994
Dirty Women

The neon lights are shining on me again
I walk the lonely streets in search of a friend
I need a lady to help me to get through the night
If I could find one then everything would be alright

The sleepy city is dreaming the nigh time away
Out on the street I watch tomorrow becoming today
I see a man,he's got take away women for sale
Yes for sale
Guess that's the answer
'Cos take away women don't fail...

Oh dirty women,they don't mess around
Oh dirty women,they don't mess around
You've got me coming
You've got me going around
Oh dirty women,
They don't mess around

Walking the streets I wonder will it ever happen
Gotta be good then everyting will be o.k.
if I could score tonight then I will end up happy

A woman for sale is gonna help me save my day...

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