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Billy Bragg Workers Playtime
Album Viewed
The Internationale (1990) 6699
Don't Try This At Home (1991) 8402
William Bloke (1996) 5972
Mermaid Avenue (1998) 3860
Mermaid Avenue (1998) 9811
Mermaid Avenue-Vol II (2000) 7536
Brewing Up With Billy Bragg ( ) 6126
Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy ( ) 4018
No Pop, No Style, Strictly Roots ( ) 9222
Talking With The Taxman About ( ) 6610
Workers Playtime ( ) 6461
Lyric Viewed
She's Got A New Spell 564
Must I Paint You A Picture 624
Tender Comrade 595
The Price I Pay 558
Little Time Bomb 534
Rotting On Remand 514
Valentine's Day Is Over 609
Life With The Lions 541
The Only One 700
The Short Answer 529
Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards 606
Little Time Bomb

One of them's off her food
And the other one's off his head
And both of them are off down the boozer
To drink a toast
To the one that he hates most
And she says there are no winners, only losers

Well if there are no winners
Then what is this he thinks
As he watches her complete a lap of honour
And he sits in the stands With his head in his hands
And he thinks of all the things
He'd like to bring down upon her

Revenge will bring cold comfort in this darkest hour
As the juke box says 'It's All Over Now'
And he stands and he screams
What have I done wrong
I've fallen in love with a little time bomb

In public he's such a man
He's punching at the walls with his bare and bloody hands
He's screaming and shouting and acting crazy
But at home he sits alone and he cries like a baby

He holds your letters but he can't read them
As he fights this loneliness that you call freedom
You said this would happen and you were not wrong
I've fallen in love with a little time bomb

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