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100 Demons 100 Demons
Album Viewed
In The Eyes Of The Lord (2000) 5255
100 Demons (2004) 5373
Lyric Viewed
Time Bomb 595
Destiny Never Came 714
Dying In My Own Arms 664
Repeat Process 547
Something Terrible 547
Lord Have Mercy 557
Nonbeliever 571
His Father's Son 563
Never Surrender (No Desit Virtus) 547
Never Surrender (No Desit Virtus)

Victory is for those who are willing to kill or die.
We stand side by side, we never questioned why.
My brothers aren't afraid.
I trust my life in their hands.
They'll fight by my side until the bloody end.
Do you know what it means, have you ever sacrificed?
Pride. Honor. Loyalty.
Make the deal, pay the price.
We all walk the line, win or lose.
Do or die.
If you can't share my pain, how can you share my life?
Life among the thugs and drugs, their fucking fisticuffs.
This is how I live my life, and I can't get enough.
My Life. My Crew.
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

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