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10000 Maniacs Hope Chest-Fredonia Recordings
Album Viewed
Blind Man's Zoo (1989) 8113
Hope Chest-Fredonia Recordings (1990) 9743
Our Time In Eden (1992) 9537
MTV Unplugged (1993) 10952
Love Among The Ruins (1997) 8529
Earth Pressed Flat (1999) 8181
In My Tribe ( ) 8103
Wishing Chair ( ) 10494
Lyric Viewed
Anthem For Doomed Youth 810
Daktari 671
Death Of Manolete 750
Grey Victory 708
Groove Dub 695
Katrina's Fair 672
My Mother The War 704
National Education Week 664
Orange 678
Pit Viper 688
Planned Obsolescence 643
Poor De Chiciro 639
Tension 654
The Latin One 661

[ lyrics: Natalie Merchant & J.C. Lombardo/music: J.C. Lombardo ]

like a weasel in the clover
you tilt toss pop turn over
sit down!
tremble and weave like a moth
by flame deceived
sit down!
spill with your words caught up
dance in your room
slide like you're buttered up
roll back the tomb
sit down!

bolt scuff jilt chase circle riddle
shake in haste
sit down!

when the thunderclouds sound
ants scatter to high ground

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