On the seventeenth floor

I stood in the hall and smiled with myself
As I asked me which lift I would try
Three of them waited, neon lighted
I choiced and entered the right

The liftdoor shutted before I pressed
The button to the floor I would go
I pressed number five but the light shined on 17
"What's that" I wanted to know

The cabine moved up, not able to understand how
I passed © five and soon I'll arrive my heart beated faster now
The doors cracked and opened with sensor sound
The neon light lfickered and the darkness was all around

Morbid sounds tortured my ears
Strong winds blew dust and sand into my eyes
Bestial heat came out of the cabine walls
It was intolerable and I knew I had arrived

On the seventeenth floor

I left the lift and moved back down
I was standing right on the floor
The question was where to move right or left?
Then in front of me opened a door

Red light was comin' out of it
And the floor - bottom turned to red slime
It left that my feet burn away
What was is that wanted me to die?

The faster I move, the slower I go
Out of the walls came reptiles and bloody skulls
The room was endless, I sank deeper into the smile
I woundered why I didn't lost my mind

Then I left, strong arms pulled me out of the heat
I was shocked that my bones were the rest of my body I keep
I came to the end of the room and opened the back door
What I saw drove me insane, my dead body in a mirror