I saw you first time in the dinner hall
You looked like a girl that never will fall
You smiled a sweet smile as I touch your hand
Never throught about you will drive me mad

You - gimme what you got to give
You - bring me into seventh heaven
I - follow you you and I believe
I - got to beat you never

You're doing things turnn'me round
But you were bringin' me - down
I've found it out what it's all about
The way you're treatin' me - down

We had good times all day's an nights
Often ending in strong fights
I never knew a girl like you
But baby, I'm not lovin' you!

You - only give if you can take
And you - will bring me down one day
I will - treat you like you do
Cause I will be the illness for you ref

You get more weak under my hand
We do a nice trip into horror - land
C'mon little baby drink your wine
And recognize that your body's mine

You - gimme what you got to give
And I - bring you into seventh heaven
Now you - follow me and must believe
That I - treat you if it's right for me

Now I'm doing things turning me round
And I will bring you - down
Have you found it out what, it's all about?
The way I'm treatin' you - down