Bastard at the busstop

Six o'clock in the evening, moons shining low
Bastard with his workin' bag's ready for the show
Holy place, no disgrace, bus is comin' soon
Nobody at the busstop, bastard's staring at the moon

Bastard at the busstop

Busdriver! Busdriver! Open the doors!
Only guest in the floor, the bastard on this tour
Hello fellows listen up, the team is black again
'round and 'round, both are proud, go-go get their fan

Bastard at the busstop
Busstop to Eternity

Endless rounds, the bus is loud, back at the busstop
Dancin' round the busstop shield, both of'em will hop!
Throwin' the keys away, now they're here to stay
Moon's still shining full, for crazy fools today

The bastard at the busstop is waitin' for the buy!