An orchid for my withering garden

Still drunken of spring's shining meadows and the myriads of flowers,
we shut our eyes to the beauty and fell asleep
...and oblivion erased our memories of fall and blinded our eyes.
Overwhelming were the days, as autumn embraced the land of zephyr
kissed the sky with passion...
But more seldom we remembered the perfume of a long withered spring
and summer's caress
faded like a candle in the wind, leaving a legacy of gold...
...and still we slumbered - dreamless and forlorn...
But for the sleepless who perceive, a blossom's tear will be a monument
of those long faded summers and bears the seed of a new spring
...and those will feel no mourning as fall grands them a farewell kiss in
the orchid-fileds because
their gardens will gleam everlasting...