Uptown Shit

Kurious sparks the buddha, shit act like you knew the
The game fuck the fame shit is lame rather do the
bump bumpety bump with a stuntety stunt
Don't forget my name bitch, I got what you want
Can't front on the man known to say ";Yea yea";
It's the Puerto Rican wonder motherfucker don't stare
If you're vision's 20/20 best believe
I got plenty for that ass -- ha ha, you know the steelo
Kilos ain't flipped so my ass is broke
Catch me on two-five, steamin the choke
Like the sauna word is bond I, step to a hoochie
That's the word for it, try to kick it honey diss me
I ignore it, sorta like the water is dense
Bitch think a nigga's rich, it don't make sense
Little brother The Omen hit up some shit that's fit
Represent for the peeps on some Uptown Shit

Chorus: repeat 2X

Yo it's the Uptown Shit - it's the Uptown Shit
Check the Uptown Shit - strictly Uptown Shit
Yo it's the Uptown Shit - it's the Uptown Shit
Check the Uptown Shit - strictly Uptown Shit

[The Omen]
Yeah! Skull snaps now I'm the pimp
Comin straight, it's The Omen with that Uptown Shit
Stride's kinda humble, stays cool with the strut
Graze a big butt, I step back, then I nut
Damn! I wish I got her but fuck the bitch
I flip with a twitch, pulls a nigga that's rich
So, I steps cool, acts like I know
Step to the block and join in some cee-lo
I roll 6-6-6 with the tricks cause it's fixed
Your head is banged so I got you in the mix
I spit the pul-like-a-pit
Now I'm leavin you.. on some Uptown Shit

Ha ha, check me out as the third introduct
Niggaz talkin the lip, but I don't give a fuck
It's the Uptown Shit, where honies shake their hips
And the fellas try to dip, in the Miracle Whip
One time it's the Rican with the low haircut
With the bitches that fuck, then swallow the nut
Straight facts from a cat who will give you the scoop
I be Knockin more Boots than that H-Town group
So give me mine Poppa Duka when I race your Koopa Troopa
in a, Mario Kart, niggaz dread me from the start
Don't fuck around kid if you ain't prepared
Cause a nigga whose scared, is a nigga who ain't there!


Check it out
There it is, hear the sound, got a blunt, bust me down
Forty-five, no St. Ide's, it's the wines that I dine
Chickenhead shit is dead, you're gettin me fed
Slide up the block I hear, ";WHATTUP KID?";
Yeah yeah, Kurious, save the mess for the rest
Known for takin buddha sess, straight to the chest
Slide to the rucka every week's the same
Strictly checkin for ass, motherfuck the game
Pysch, I sneak a peak at my main man Tone
Only bitches I sweat, is the bitches that bone
Puffin on a loose bitch exhale fast
I throw my dick in your mouth
Have you blowin rings out your fuckin ass..
.. til it's time to quit
Whattup to Big Trey on some Uptown Shit

Chorus w/ variations