Tear Shit Up

Aiyyo, check this out, right here is Kadi
The man with the yellow hat and uhh
This track right here is by the motherfuckin Beatnuts aight?
And my partner Kurious Jorge is about to get into
some real real deep shit
So what you do is you uh, open your motherfuckin ears
and check this shit out
And if you can't dig it, then break the fuck out, uhh!

Kurious the magician hits the podium like a public speaker
Highly energized, (??) boricua
Strictly representin for my people Spanish speakin
Shit got you groovin, half-Cuban Puerto Rican
Yeah, got you feelin the funk
Who's the mystery man, til you pop the trunk
No need to second guess me and Psycho Les
If you predict I'm goin right I just might go left
And def the lyrics kick so my joints they fit
What you bit was a hit, and you can't say jack shiiiit
Here's a towel wipe the sweat (uh-huh)
C'mon, time to jet

Chorus: repeat samples 4X

";I'm like tellin you straight on up
Everywhere that I go, the boy.."; --> Biz Markie
";.. tear shit up!";

Divine dropper of the shit that booms, I consume
mad (??) that's how it is then exhale fumes
out the nose and mouth, even hoes down South
Know my status as the baddest Puerto Rican nigga out
My ego shrinks from gettin jerked on the business tip
At times, wanna scream yo what is this shit?
Shiiit, man what the fuck?
All I want is a brew, I ain't even got a buck
Well I makes the brew, on the East coast
but on the other side of town, they gettin paid
I'm gettin jerked quick slayed out the back
with no trap, to bang, SLAP
Fuck a Billboard, cause I still score with mines
Wines intertwine in my liver, deliver the rhymes
but to no avail
Got me walkin the plank, fuck time to set sail

Chorus 1/2

";.. tear shit up!"; (2X)
";Kurious Jorge, on the welfare line..";

Influence carries over to a 70-flow
Got a old school knack, so the wack could know
we takin pride in our shit, though we're lackin the dough
Fuck that we're on the rise - like my DJ's fro
YEAH! Hittin up the kicks and beats
Yo the Nuts got tricks for the chicks and freaks
Know my motherfuckin style, word to Miz
Prince Power in the house put me up on the biz
Miz got the sess combined with the hash
Two pulls and pass knock you on yo' ass
Hobbes, chill til the cypher stops
Kickin rhymes point blank, the mix, the drops
Come together harmonize us so it don't sound lame
Whattup to Nice & Smooth, House of Pain
So pack it up, pack it in, it's gettin kind of late
and Rich I fucked up B sorry I kept you waitin