Soul Devourer

I've seen the angel with sad eyes
holding the flames of pure damnation
bearer of light might evil one
banished from heavens to rise again
surronded by thousands of serpents and beasts
cursed child of damned god's spawn
angel of abyss devourer of souls
evil effigy shine the ancient rebirth
supreme chants of necromatic prophecies
throughout spheres of fire and light

conjuration to rejoice on demon's wrath
embraced onto infernal revelations
deep in the darkest abyss
I evoke the almighty curse
from the light - bringed god of rebellion
I see the sun dies as I hear the children cries
decipher of the seven seal Lucifer
merciless massacre in thy name

emperor of evil spheres purify with unholy wrath
lord of the antichrist legacy summoning the light for pain
desolation all thru the centuries enthroned as god
as the curse remains

the curse has been fulfilled
before the holy alliance of perpetual fallen
destiny fated for chaos and destruction
usurper prince of devouring death
atrocious Sabbath desecration of sacred blood
shadows and darkness descends
as the shine of the most infernal curses
ascends raising the dead again