Iron Stakes

Impending hunger ravens fluttering
thru a stormy ominous horizon
awaiting for the flesh impaled on iron stakes
summoning the rites of the hatred gods of mars
bestial revenge for the oath of the throne
legions of mass murdering ride
revengeful inherits towards to clash
driven to devourer the enemies heart
envenomed arrows crossing the skies
yet it falls eminent death ascends
drink the wine of pure vindication
spilled from the enemies veins

hatred wielders of swords and blades
bearing the pure essence of killing
determined to rape the ones that stand
desolation of headless defeated
flying rocks smash upon the soil
crushed bones broken swords and shields
carrion to ravens erected corpses on iron stakes
marching over gore and reaped flesh
blood's pouring and spilling like rain
above the mist and stench of blood in flames
victorius flags stand

conquerors of the bloody lands
enthroned into the fire of battle
eminent lords of warfare
vengeance for the wicked majesty
for their breed smashed and their women enslaved
forged kingdom at sacrificial dawn
hail pure gore at the rising sun
march, march and raise the flag of ascending scourge
at war with sathanas
into the kingdom of flames it's troops descends