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Endless Madness Descends - Conquerors of Armageddon - Krisiun - Lyrics -

Endless Madness Descends

Down below the reamains of my grave
an incessant summoning rages on
evoking and descending into pure obscurity
scepters of madness surrond me
transgressing visions and horrors
of my cursed blasphemous past
brimstones stench from my ashes arise
erupting blind maggots and worms
within the downfall of shadows
my fierce spirit rides again

revengeful creature of hatred
massacre of nations I've seen
enchanted as cursed
by the serpents from the deep
at nigthshade my soul drifts
inbreeding the hate profanation
incantation of powers corpses
of angels I devourer
bring of revenge
accursed creature of hatred
spells of desecration I cast
as I ride thru the maze of death
upon the kingdom of madness
at each dawn I die

Creature of hatred entrangled into madness
ritual of blood for my existance
secrecy of black rites I evoke
killing and dying evoking descending

for its power for me conceived
for its spells for me revealed