Saviour's Blood

Tormented saviour
I'm the one who betrays the words
of the holy bible of scum
prophet of fallacy whipped god
defeat and failure for carnal lust
sanctify thy son sacrificed
damned priest messiah of scrolls
reveals it's holocaust
as ravaged chapels burn
surging seas of abominations
engulfing the flesh of the living dead
mundane souls entangled

Forged swords of chaos and death
held high mighty revenge
there flows the saviors blood
temples of lust and Jehova's worshipping
pestilence flows out of the altars
and broken signs
envenomed worms decaying pest
emerging out of the Jesus eyes
cast immolation on thru the skies
emplagued faith
consumed succumbed religion
works of the cross
lost thru the void

Dawn of annihilation of blazing victory begotten
unblessed flagellation scourged nations march
divine light blackened below the falling of the shadows